Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweden - Stockholm

The Royal Palace

Finally, on my 3rd trip to Sweden I'm able to make some time to visit inside the Palace.  It's quite an old and nice building. I didn't find it as great as castles in France, but still very worth the visit. Also, something unique I found, is that they have a lot of information about the Knight Orders in Sweden, and how the system worked, including uniforms, weapons, signs, and others. Very interesting.

The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Guard of the palace

Gamla Stan

Army Museum

The most interesting thing I found on this museum is the 3rd floor, describing a good part of the history of Sweden, and giving a pretty good idea of how noblemen, and peasants used to live and think during the different periods.

The museum isn't that big, actually just 2 and 1/2 floor. But I spent a few hours reading the history of the country. This is the most valuable part of the visit.

On the 2nd floor, they have an older Swedish drone plane on exposition.

City Hall of Stockholm