Saturday, October 13, 2012

Copenhagen Airport

just making a stop to change planes...

Quick notes:

  • Wood floor
  • Free WiFi internet: After connecting the WiFi, open the browser and look for a form that needs to be filled in order to get free WiFi acess.  After submitting the form, will get 15' of free access. They said they would send an email to confirm the account, and afterwards provide more free access, but I never received this email.  Another option is to pay for access , if a Boingo subscriber , it can be used too.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sweden: Gothenburg


Hotel Riverton

Hotel Riverton
Very nice window view from hotel room

  • ~ 1.5 miles walking distance from the train station (it feeled safe walking at night)
  • Very nice hotel. Comfortable room. Friendly and helpful help desk.
  • Free Wifi included
  • Very nice views from the top floor (go up to the hotel/bar).  Food for dinner was excellent.
Hotel Riverton
Room from Hotel Riverton

Oscar Fredrik Church

Skansen Kronan

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweden: Stockholm

This trip was pretty short and fast. there wasn't much time for visiting the place, but still, I got to see something.

Sweden is a very nice country, with very nice, organized, and clean cities.

Everybody seems to have a very high level of english speaking.

It is very easy to move around this country.   Credit card is accepted everywhere, one can literally spend a week without the need of cash.   The only place I saw cash could have been handy is at the public restrooms in the train station.

Arlanda Express
Arlanda Express (train from Airport to Stockholm)

Hotel Comfort Inn , Stockholm

  • Tiny 1 bedroom/1 bathroom. No closet. Hangers on wall.
  • Bed is comfortable
  • Room is quite silent.
  • Hotel and neighborhood feel very safe.
  • Excellent free breakfast.
  • Large HD tv , with a couple of channels in english.
  • No closet.
  • No safe in room, but available at front desk.
  • Free WiFi. Need to ask for a password every day (expires in 24 hours)
  • Very good location, 3 blocks away from central station.   A stop to the Arlanda Express is accross the street.
  • Across Arlanda Express exit

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Gamla Stan (old town)

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan
Royal Palace

Stockholm Central Station

  • Train, Metro, and  bus station
  • Train ticket can be purchased online, but access to a printer is needed. They can SMS the ticket information, but this only works for local phone numbers. The Ticket teller machines will ask for a PIN in order to validate a credit card purchase, which afaik, I don't have for my international card.... in order to save time, just go and buy from the ticket office  (I didn't look at what time they closed)
  • Lockers are available, and the fee can be paid with credit card or currency.
  • Restrooms with showers are available, but SEK cash only.
Central Station
Locker for bags

Stockholm Arlanda Airport:
  • There are many paid Internet Wifi providers such as Boingo, Ipass, Tmobile europe. But there is only one way of getting free Wifi, by having a local phone number (they send a password through SMS). They offer sending the SMS to a foreign phone, but I never got it. Guests at Hotels inside the airport will get free Wifi.
  • The airport is safe for overnight sleeping until the international departure gate opens at 4:30am. The Lunges are behind the gate, and therefore, closed.
  • This airport seems safe for overnight sleep. Lots of people stay and sleep in comfortable couches.
  • For dinner, the option that is open until latest is Mcdonals, open until 11:00pm. And they sell beer :-)
  • The restrooms are very clean.
(good place to sleep at Arlanda)