Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweden: Stockholm

This trip was pretty short and fast. there wasn't much time for visiting the place, but still, I got to see something.

Sweden is a very nice country, with very nice, organized, and clean cities.

Everybody seems to have a very high level of english speaking.

It is very easy to move around this country.   Credit card is accepted everywhere, one can literally spend a week without the need of cash.   The only place I saw cash could have been handy is at the public restrooms in the train station.

Arlanda Express
Arlanda Express (train from Airport to Stockholm)

Hotel Comfort Inn , Stockholm

  • Tiny 1 bedroom/1 bathroom. No closet. Hangers on wall.
  • Bed is comfortable
  • Room is quite silent.
  • Hotel and neighborhood feel very safe.
  • Excellent free breakfast.
  • Large HD tv , with a couple of channels in english.
  • No closet.
  • No safe in room, but available at front desk.
  • Free WiFi. Need to ask for a password every day (expires in 24 hours)
  • Very good location, 3 blocks away from central station.   A stop to the Arlanda Express is accross the street.
  • Across Arlanda Express exit

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Room from Comfort Inn Stockholm
1 Bedroom from Comfort Inn Stockholm

Gamla Stan (old town)

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan
Royal Palace

Stockholm Central Station

  • Train, Metro, and  bus station
  • Train ticket can be purchased online, but access to a printer is needed. They can SMS the ticket information, but this only works for local phone numbers. The Ticket teller machines will ask for a PIN in order to validate a credit card purchase, which afaik, I don't have for my international card.... in order to save time, just go and buy from the ticket office  (I didn't look at what time they closed)
  • Lockers are available, and the fee can be paid with credit card or currency.
  • Restrooms with showers are available, but SEK cash only.
Central Station
Locker for bags

Stockholm Arlanda Airport:
  • There are many paid Internet Wifi providers such as Boingo, Ipass, Tmobile europe. But there is only one way of getting free Wifi, by having a local phone number (they send a password through SMS). They offer sending the SMS to a foreign phone, but I never got it. Guests at Hotels inside the airport will get free Wifi.
  • The airport is safe for overnight sleeping until the international departure gate opens at 4:30am. The Lunges are behind the gate, and therefore, closed.
  • This airport seems safe for overnight sleep. Lots of people stay and sleep in comfortable couches.
  • For dinner, the option that is open until latest is Mcdonals, open until 11:00pm. And they sell beer :-)
  • The restrooms are very clean.
(good place to sleep at Arlanda)

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