Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Japan: Day 9 - Tokyo: Odaiba

Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo. I really enjoyed this visit, there are lots of interesting things to see, such as the Toyota Mega Web, a shopping mall with lots of pet shops selling any kind of item you can imagine (or not), museums, etc. What amazes me is the size of this place; I would never have imagined I was on an artificial island unless I was told.

Odaiba - Tokyo
Odaiba - Tokyo

It seems to be better to visit this place during the week, as weekends are packed I read. Even during the week, there were lots of people around.

Odaiba - Tokyo
Odaiba - Tokyo

The JR train can be taken to Odaiba, but be careful. From Ozaki to Tokyo Teleport station at Odaiba , the way becomes a private (Rankai Line) and an additional fare needs to be paid at the destination (Y320 for the ride between Ozaki-Odaiba).

Toyota Mega Web is a huge showroom where all car models are shown. The main attraction was a futuristic uni-personal vehicle that could be driven (only Japanese speakers allowed), and all the new Hybrid car and SUV models. Also, a few Lexus cars are in display. This is interesting even for somebody who isn't a fan of cars. At this location, Toyota has a private track for test driving most car model they have (fee of Y300 to Y500, need to register/pay in two machines, need Japanese or international driver license).

National Museum of Emerging Science, Miraikan, is located close to the Fuji Television Studio (further away than the Fuji TV building). Follow the monorail line, but use the internal sidewalk, the way on the other side of the street (closer to the coast) is much longer because there's no place cross the road until many blocks away.
The entrance fee to the museum is Y600 (u$7.79) and last admittance time is at 4:30pm. They close at 5pm sharp, and very politely they ask visitors to leave at this time. The museum is very interesting, even for the non techie (as I was visiting it with one :-). Two floors are part of the permanent exhibition. It will cost extra to get in special exhibits (Y1000).

Tips & Tricks
  • I haven't tried this, but it could help saving some Yen - If you have purchased the JR pass, when going out of Odaiba, just purchase the minimum fare ticket in order to get inside the train. In the mainland, when you get out on a JR station, show the JR Pass and avoid fare adjustment.

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