Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweden - Stockholm

Stockholm Bus & Ship tour:

  • The ticket can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office near the Train Station (there are probably other places, but I just tried that one)
  • The bus tour is nice, and something that can be done by walking (a lot) or by public transportation at a lower cost, but I didn't have enough time for that this time.
  • Be careful, when the Bus finishes the round (after stop 15), it'll take a 40 minutes break. This is enough time to go and visit the outsides of the Royal Palace. But the 40 minutes break could be an unexpected delay on the tour if not waiting for it.
  • I didn't have time for the ship tour, but will leave it for the next time. This is probably more worth the cost of the ticket.
  • There are a couple hop on hop off companies. I used the green one, which was running about every 40 minutes on Sunday afternoon. There is a red bus company, that seemed to run every 25 or 30 minutes on the same day (the bus stops are close, I could see the other bus more often while waiting for mine). In any case, the audio in the bus was translated into several languages, and  I felt it was informative for such a tour.

Some casual views of Stockholm, taken from the city tour bus:

The Vasa Museum:

The Royal Palace ( Stockholm Palace ) :

The hotel.. Sheraton Stockholm:

This is one of the bests hotels in Stockholm from what I hear from people that travel.  The location is excellent, just a few blocks away from the  central train station (with stop from the airport train, Arlanda Express), and less than 10 minute walk to Gamla Stan.
Very nice gym, with new equipment, and sauna (hint, late at night  use the phone just in fron of the Sauna door to call hotel service and ask for it to get turned on).

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